Johannes Jonsson Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter Peter (Pehr) Jonasson  Maria Lisa (Elisabet) Magnusdotter    Israel Magnusson
Aron (Johannesson) Oberg  Anna Lisa (Elisabeth) Petersdotter
Emma Mathilda Oberg

Anna Lisa Petersdotter's Ancestors

Kronoberg Anna Lisa Petersdotter's Ancestors came from Sjosas Parish, Nottebäck Parish, and Grannastamma in Drev Parish. All of these are northeast of Växjö in Kronoberg Län (Kronoberg county) - Large maps of Nottebäck, Sjosas, and Grannastamma


Nottebäck Church

Nottebäck Church - The "new" church - circa 1837. Anna Lisa (Elisabeth) Petersdotter, her parents and siblings attended this church.

Peter (Pehr) Jonasson (Anna's father): Vadstena archives: Farmowner. The family lived on the farm Skruf Sodergard in Nottebäck. Died 26 May 1858 in Noteback parish "suffered for several years from pains"

Maria Lisa (Elisabet) Magnusdotter (Anna's mother): Church records show that the family moved in 1863 from Skruf Sodergard to Vitthult Vastergard (page 46l) and on 4 May 1870 Israel Magnusson, wife and the children Anna Lisa, Amanda, Albin and Christina Cathrina left Nottebäck for America.

Maria Simonsdotter (Anna's father's mother): Vadstena archives - The family lived at the time of birth of Pehr at Grannastamma Torp in Drev Parish

Magnus Jonasson (Anna's mother's father): Vadstena archives: farmer at Skruf Sodergard in Nottebäck. Married twice:

  1. Lisa Andersdotter
  2. Lena Stina Patersdotter

Anna Lisa Petersdotter's Family Tree

Anna Lisa Petersdotter family Tree

Anna Lisa Petersdotter family Tree - click on the tree for a closer look