Johannes Jonsson  Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter Peter (Pehr) Jonasson  Maria Lisa (Elisabet) Magnusdotter    Israel Magnusson
Aron (Johannesson) Oberg   Anna Lisa (Elisabeth) Petersdotter
Emma Mathilda Oberg

Aron Oberg's Ancestors

Småland Aron's father and his ancestors all came from the area of Lindehult, Algutsboda Parish or Madesjo (near Nybro). This area is part of the traditional landskap (province) of Småland, southern Sweden. It consists of a rolling plateau of woods and marshland. Industries are based largely on forest products, and Kosta is a well-known glass-manufacturing centre. Larger maps of Algutsboda and Lindehult

Aron's mothers family came from Algutsboda parish, Älghult parish, and Herrberga parish. Larger maps of Älghult and Herrberga


Åby Södergård

Åby Södergård - the house where Aron (Johannesson) Oberg's family lived when he left for America in 1871.

Johannes Jonsson farm

Farm Lidehult - Algutsboda Parish. This is the oldest house on the farm - in 1987 it was said to be at least 200 years old. Johannes Jonsson was a tenant farmer here from 1850 to 1856.

Algutsboda Church

Algutsboda Church - attended by the Johannes Jonsson family.

Johannes Jonsson (Aron's father): Johannes and his wife (Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter) came in 1850 to Algutsboda from Madesjo Parish and settled at first on the farm Lindehult, Johannes listed as a tenant farmer. Moved 1856 to the farm Waccamo and in 1859 to Åby Södergård, the mill, where Johannes is listed as miller. He and his wife are still living at the mill of Åby Södergård in the last volume of Clerical Surveys kept at Landsarkivet and relating to 1875-80;

Married on 9 June 1849 in Madesjo parish, Johannes Jonsson, farmhand and future crofter (tenant farmer) from Grano (he is the son of the late farmer Jonas Svensson and Cajsa Svensdotter) and Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter, daughter of former parish shoemaker Jacob Josephsson and his deceased wife Christina Nilsdotter from Godeshults backagard of Elghult (old spelling for Älghult) parish. Wedded by A. Landberg?

Jonas Svensson (Aron's father's father): according to archives in Vadstena, he was a tenant farmer. The family lived on the farm Lindehult in Algutsboda Parish. He died Dec. l4, 1834 in Algutsboda Parish of "Pulmonary consumption"

His first wife was Annica Carlsdotter who died about 1806. His second wife was Cajsa Svensdotter who had been a farmmaid in Gransjo

Jacob Josephsson (Aron's mother's father):Jacob Josephsson was born in Herrberga Parish, died in Älghult parish. He was the parish shoemaker (cobbler). The family lived at the cottage Nymala in the grounds of the farm Godeshult Backegard in Älghult. (source: Vadstena archives)

Sven Olsson and Annica Jonsdotter (Aron's father's mother's parents): The Vadstena archives say that Sven Olsson and his wife Annica Jonsdotter were the parents of Cajsa Svensdotter and that they came from Gransjo

Aron Oberg's Family Tree

Aron Oberg family Tree

Aron Oberg family Tree - click on the tree for a closer look