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Mary Nelson's Ancestors

VärmlandMary and her ancestors all came from the Sillerud Parish of the Värmland province of Sweden. They lived mostly in the small towns of Skogen and Rök.

The star shows where Rök is compared to Årjäng and Sillerud. Skogen must have been near there as well. Skogen means "forest" and so was probably applied to many sparsely inhabited, wooded areas. It was certainly along the shore of Lake Östra Silen (East Lake Silen) which is the same lake that Rök is next to. Larger maps

Doris received a lot of family notes from Aina Reuter of Rök, Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden. She is a step-descendant of Nils "Skög" Nilsson. Nils's daughter, Anna Cajsa Nilsdotter, was the second wife of Aina's grandfather, Carl Andersson (If you followed that, you are GREAT at paying attention!). Here are some of the notes:

Nils Svensson (Skög's father): As a young man he worked on several farms such as Hogstaka and Skogen. Later (before 1822) he became the owner of a farm in Skogen. For several years about 1840 he was a member of a jury. In their old age (from 1834) his parents (Sven Bryngelsson and Maria Ersdotter) occupied the same house with him. He was married with Kajsa Svensdotter.
Sven Bryngelsson (Skög's father' father): He probably lived the greater part of his life in Skogen. There he was first a farm worker and then owner of a farm. Sometime between 1783 and 1794 (the exact time is missing) he married with Maria Ersdotter
Maria Ersdotter (Skög's father' mother): Before she was married she was a farm maid in the household of Bryngel Nilsson who became her father-in-law. She had severe gout which began about the 1830s which made her bed-ridden for 20 years.
Bryngel Nilsson (Skög's father' father's father): He had probably been a share-cropper before settling in Skogen. He was married to Ingri Svensdotter. Reason for his death is given as "Alderdom" (old age - 77 1/2 yrs)
Kirstin Nilsdotter (Skög's father's mother's mother):as a young woman she worked as a farm maidin Skogen


Beach near Gamla Kyrke - Silerud

Beach near Gamla Kyrke - Sillerud. The Nilssons would row up East Silen Lake to this beach just below the old Sillerud Church

Poppa told Doris that his mother (Mary Nelson) and her family had to row 12 miles up this lake near Årjäng (oor-yang) to go to church. As Doris related her own visit to the area:

Pastor Dahle took us (Wayne and Doris) around to show us Sillerud Parish, he said – this is where the old church was. There was a gradual slope to the lake. He said that boats would come and be beached there. Then they would trudge up the hill to this church. In the summer time, he said, on Wednesday nights they (the current congregation) had communion there.
You can see the rocks that had been the foundation for this church. When Pastor Dahle's first wife died, he had a memorial built to her. He had a bell tower built in one corner of the old church location. So, Poppa's story was not too far off. I couldn't imagine rowing 12 miles. But, that's what it was. That's why grandma's father was named Skög, which means “woods?. That family lived at the south end of the lake, Järnsjön (Sjurntion). It means “Iron Lake?. They (the local residents) had a smelter there, at that location ever since early iron age time because it had a lot of deposits left by the retreating glaciers. That had been under a lot of pressure from the ice from up north. When it retreated, it left the open pit places. Iron was very easy to get to then. I don't know if you ever saw them – the eyeglasses that I had that Poppa (had gotten from his family) … Swede and Janet took those glasses to the Nordic Museum in Seattle. It's over in Ballard.

Mary Nelson's Family Tree

Mary (Lisa Maya) (Nilsdotter) Nelson family Tree

Mary (Lisa Maya) (Nilsdotter) Nelson family Tree - click on the tree for a closer look