Anders (Andrus) Andersson  Kajsa (Svanskog) Svensdotter  Anders Berg Nils "Skog" Nilsson  Lisa "Eliza" Andreasdotter
John (Johannes) (Andersson) Backman   Mary (Lisa Maya) (Nilsdotter) Nelson
Fritjiof Fritz/Fred Backman

Note: the dotted line above (to Anders Berg) indicates a second husband - not in the direct family line. See the section below on Kajsa.

John Backman's Ancestors

The name "Backman" was adopted after coming to the United States and was adopted by John, his mother, his step-father (Anders Berg), and John's step-siblings.

Värmland John's ancestors were from the Sillerud Parish of the Värmland province of Sweden. The early history of this province was strongly influenced by its proximity to its western neighbor Norway. When Sweden was at war with Norway, it had a strong effect on Värmland too. In 1225, Haakon IV of Norway (Haakon the Old) invaded Sweden and burnt down all villages if they did not pay a ransom. This feud was eventually settled in 1249. We don't have the line traced back that far. But, I thought that was an interesting little fact.

Sillerud is a parish in Årjäng Municipality of western Värmland. Most of the ancestors came from in (or near) the towns of Tenvik and Snarkil. Both of these towns appear to be close to Årjäng

This map shows where Tenvik is in relation to Årjäng and Järnsjön (Sjurntion) which means “Iron Lake?. Larger maps

Anders (Andrus) Andersson

Snarkil - the Andersson house

Snarkil - the Andersson house. Photo taken 6/16/1986. At that time, it was said that the house dated back over 150 years! John Backman (Johannes Andersson) may have been born in this house. The family moved from here to Tenvik.

Anders Andersson was born in Tenvik, September 9, 1820. 1852 was a fateful year for him. He married Kajsa (Svanskog) Svensdotter on February 20th, John was born on April 2nd, and Anders died on December 6th! His estate is listed below.

Starkebakken - Anderson House

Starkebakken - the house in Tenvik where John Backman (Johannes Andersson) lived. This photo was taken by Poppa during his 1957 trip to Sweden. Thirty years later, Doris found the site but the house had been torn down.

View from Anderson house in Tenvik

View from Anderson house in Tenvik. Picture taken by Doris in 1987.

Kajsa Svensdotter

Kajsa was born in Sillerud Parish, near Årjäng, Sweden on Dec. 25, 1823. The Eksjo Cemetery book gives her maiden name as Swenson (anglicized Svensdotter)

Her first husband was Anders (Andrus) Andersson. They had only one son: John (Johannes Andersson) Backman. Anders died when his son was eight months old. Kajsa's second husband was Anders Berg. Kajsa and Anders had five children (Anna, Gustav, Johanna, Maya Stina, and Sara Lisa) all of whom emigrated to the United States in 1881 - taking the name of Backman.

Kajsa's death certificate in Detroit Lakes Courthouse, Becker Co., MN gives "Exhaustion" as the cause of death.

The Family Tree

John (Johannes Andersson) Backman family Tree

John (Johannes Andersson) Backman family Tree - click on the tree for a closer look

Anders Anderson - Probate Record

Probate record for Anders Andersson in the Goteborg archives: (partial list as translated on June 18, 1987)

On 4 Jan, 1853, the undersigned made an inventory of Anders Andersson of Tenvik Soken who died on Dec 6 last year.He left his widow Cajsa Svensdotter

He left:                               Value, Riksdollar
l brown horse, stallion, age 2         20
l cow                                  10
3 sheep                                 2
2 hens                                   .18
  some hay                              7.
l cupboard                              6.32
l table, drop leaf                      1.12
2 buckets                               1.40
2 water containers
Misc., hammers, carpenter tools, folding knives, shaving razor,
l aquavit glass
clothing: hat, 3 pr trousers, l old jersey, 4 overcoats, 9 garter belts,
5 shirts, 1 pr. gloves, 2 pr sox, 1 pr boots,
l song book (hymnal)
1 bed, 1 trundle, 1 comfortable, 2 horse-hide or sheepskins, 2 blankets,
l feather pillow
                              total   115.12  riksdollars

also debts owed to him:  3.28 Daniel Anderson

Money owed for burial, etc.    38.40
                               49.30  (discrepancyhere!)

Remainder:   65.30

Less 1/8 to the Parish