Johannes Jonsson  Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter Peter (Pehr) Jonasson  Maria Lisa (Elisabet) Magnusdotter    Israel Magnusson
Aron (Johannesson) Oberg   Anna Lisa (Elisabeth) Petersdotter
Emma Mathilda Oberg

The Oberg family comes to America

Aron and Anna Oberg

Aron and Anna (Petersdotter) Oberg

Aron (Johannesson) Oberg left for America by ship from Goteborg, Sweden (Contract #5:437:11) on 16 June, 1871. He changed his name to Oberg sometime about the time of arrival. Aron came to the Red Wing/Hastings, Minnesota, area first before homesteading in Milnor, North Dakota, area in 1887 or 1888.

Church records show that Aron's parents, Johannes Jonsson and Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter, left Algutsboda parish for the U.S on April 7, 1883 (contract #892:1309). They left from the port of Malmo on April 19, 1887 - destination Red Wing; on the ship Ceres (a steamer), price 462.12 KR (about $74 in 1987 money).

Aron Oberg

Birth year in question: given as either 1853 and 1854 in Algutsboda parish records. He was confirmed in Sweden.

Homestead - first house - Milnor ND

Homestead - first house - Milnor ND

Oberg Farm - new house - 1900

Oberg Farm - new house - 1900

Milnor ND

From Goodhue County Courthouse Marriage records: Aaron Oberg married Anna Elisabeth Petterson on 11 Dec 1877 at Vasa Lutheran Church in Welch, Goodhue County, Minnesota by A. Anderson, minister of the Gospel, witnesses P.S. Peterson and A.P. Peterson. [Book 6, page 590] {A.P. Peterson was probably Anders Peter Peterson, Anna's brother}

Conversations between Doris and Orville Oberg in March 1983

Orville: In talking with Uncle Leonard some years ago - he related that when they first homesteaded in North Dakota then grandpa Oberg and his brother were there. Apparently the brother wasn't really interested in homesteading or farming. At that time, something caused him to want to go back to Sweden. He went back and never did return to the United States. It was about that time that grandfather changed his name from Aaberg to Oberg. I'm not sure why, other than they thought that it was easier to spell.
This doesn't seem to add up, because they originally came to Welch, Minnesota, and bought a farm. In fact, the farm is right on Highway 61 as you go towards Red Wing. It was apparently a good farm except that the rolling countryside was kind of frustrating for a farmer with horses. He then got the idea that he should look at the farmland up in North Dakota since they were homesteading up there. When he went up there and saw the wide open prairie and level ground, he got all excited and came back to Red Wing and wanted to pack up the family an go up there to homestead. Well, Grandma Oberg, as I understand it, didn't like the idea of being buried out in the wilderness of North Dakota so she put up some weak resistance, but they eventually went up there anyhow. That was the start of the homestead.
One of the things that Grandpa Oberg did in Red Wing and also the Welch area was to build barns - he was a carpenter, along with his farming. Then he built a few houses that are still standing and numerous farm buildings as well. I have seen a couple of them, and I'm sure that I have driven by others not realizing that they were part of his work.
In the North Dakota area he continued with his carpentry work and his farming. As Uncle Leonard and my dad, Oscar, got old enough to do farming, he would ride his bicycle out to the various building projects to do his work. I was told that one day, on his way out, he had an attack of appendicitis. His appendix ruptured, and he died from that. I believe that he was only 45 at that time.
As we look at these dates - the change in name must have been made when they came over from Sweden because Grandpa Oberg's brother was actually visiting them in North Dakota when they had actually homesteaded. He stayed on the homestead with them for a year or two, and then returned to Sweden. The change in name, if there is any validity to it, had to come when they came over from Sweden (in their early married life).
When you ask the questions, I realize how little I know about these people who have gone on before us. This is true about my mother's side of the family, as well. I find that my Aunt Nora, having traveled in Sweden, was able to find the Moberg family and the location where they lived. Their family had been in merchant operations and banking. It seems strange that they would leave a profitable business to go over to the "Land of Milk and Honey" in North Dakota. But this they did and I was told that they went through Alexandria, Minnesota, in a covered wagon. My mother's older brother was the only one of the kids at that time. The rest of them were born on the homestead in North Dakota. Both families, I was told, lived in sod huts. The validity of this, I don't know, the timing would certainly indicate that there was very little lumber around at that time. They may have used the sod huts until they could get something built. Of course, my dad and his father had no problems with construction if they could get the lumber.
Husband: Aron (Johannesson) Oberg
   Born: 07 NOV 1854 in Lindehult Farm, Algutsboda Par., Kronoberg Lan, Sweden
Married: 11 DEC 1877 in Vasa Luth.Ch., Welch, Goodhue Co., MN
Died: 02 MAR 1903 in Oberg farm, Milnor, Sargent Co., ND
Father: Johannes Jonsson
Mother: Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter
   Wife: Anna Lisa (Elisabeth) Petersdotter
   Born: 02 JUL 1857 in Notteback Par., Kronoberg Lan, Sweden
Died: 24 AUG 1945 in Oberg farm, Milnor, Sargent Cty, ND
Father: Peter (Pehr) Jonasson
Mother: Maria Lisa (Elisabet) Magnusdotter
01  (M): Oscar William (Willard) Oberg
Born: 28 DEC 1878 in Oberg farm, Red Wing, Goodhue Co., MN
Died: 20 JAN 1953 in St.Mary's Hosp., Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN
Spouse: Mary Anna Mohberg
02  (M): Axel Leonard Oberg
Born: 17 FEB 1883 in Oberg farm, Welch, Goodhue Co., MN
Died: 16 SEP 1961 in home, 1526 9th N., Fargo, Cass Co., ND
Spouse: Emelia ("Millie") Emma Peterson
03  (F): Alice Louise Oberg
Born: 14 OCT 1885 in Oberg farm, Welch, Goodhue Co., MN
Died: 24 JUN 1909 in see notes, Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., MN
Spouse: Manfred L. Swanson
04  (F): Esther Elizabeth Oberg
Born: 29 AUG 1888 in Oberg farm, Milnor, Sargent Co., ND
Died: 11 OCT 1935 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
Spouse: Earl Charles Bailey
05  (F): Mabel Alida Oberg
Born: 13 JUN 1891 in Oberg farm, Milnor, Sargent Co., ND
Died: 13 MAY 1985 in Fargo, Cass Co., ND
Spouse: Arthur Edward Sandberg
06  (F): Emma Mathilda Oberg
Born: 14 JAN 1894 in Oberg Farm, Milnor, Sargent Co., North Dakota
Died: 04 MAY 1930 in St. Luke's Hosp., Fargo, Cass Co., North Dakota
Spouse: Fritjiof Fritz\Fred Backman