Anders (Andrus) Andersson  Kajsa (Svanskog) Svensdotter  Anders Berg Nils "Skog" Nilsson  Lisa "Eliza" Andreasdotter
John (Johannes) (Andersson) Backman   Mary (Lisa Maya) (Nilsdotter) Nelson
Fritjiof Fritz/Fred Backman

The Nelson family comes to America

Eglog MN

Eglon Township is just east of Hawley Minnesota

The family came to America (Michigan) in 1873. Mary must have been 12 at the time.

According to Poppa:

My parents came from Värmland, Sweden. My mother's parents immigrated -- came to Upper Michigan -- Negaunee and Ishpeming. And from there got to Minnesota where they homesteaded just East of Hawley. Then they homesteaded in Eglon Township where he built the log home and the other farm buildings. And, of course, broke ground for fields and started farming. He was good at building log houses so he built log houses and barns for other people at the time.

Doris thought that the Nilsson's immigrated from Sweden to the United States through Canada. One of these days, someone will have to check out Canadian ports of entry for around 1873 to see if there is a record of them arriving.

Nils "Skog" Nilsson

Husband: Nils "Skog" Nilsson
   Born: 17 DEC 1821 in Skogen, Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Married: about 1844 in Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: about 1899 in Eglon Twp, MN
Father: Nils Svensson
Mother: Kajsa Svensdotter
   Wife: Lisa "Eliza" Andreasdotter
   Born: 08 MAR 1820 in Laxarby, Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: 15 OCT 1918 in Eglon Twp, MN
Father: Andreas ??
Mother: ??
01  (F): Kristina Johannesdotter
Born: 23 APR 1842
02  (M): Nils Nilsson
Born: 05 JUL 1845 in Nilsson home, Sillerud Parish, Värmland Lan, Sweden
Died: in Rade, Ostfold, Norway
Spouse: Berthe Helene Augensdatter
03  (F): Anna Cajsa Nilsdotter
Born: 29 MAY 1847 in Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: 18 AUG 1930 in Torp, Gillberga Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Spouse: Carl Andersson
04  (M): Anders (Andrew) Gustaf Nilsson
Born: 16 OCT 1853 in Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: 23 MAY 1885 in drowned, near Hawley, Eglon Twp, MN
05  (M): Gullick\Girlick (William) Nelson Nilsson
Born: 13 DEC 1855 in Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: about 1903 in St.Louis Co., MN
Spouse: Bertie D. ??
06  (M): Carl Nilsson
Born: 29 JUN 1858 in Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: 25 JAN 1859 in Sweden
07  (F): Mary (Lisa Maya) (Nilsdotter) Nelson
Born: 24 JAN 1861 in Rök; Skogen, Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: 25 MAY 1950 in home farm, Dale, Clay Co., MN
Spouse: John (Johannes) (Andersson) Backman
08  (F): Augusta (Nilsdotter) Nelson
Born: 25 APR 1863 in Sillerud Parish, Värmland, Sweden
Died: 19 DEC 1950 in St.Ansgar's Hosp, Moorhead, Clay Co., MN

Additional Notes

Nils "Skog" Nilsson: Landsarkivet, Goteborg - household examination roll 1856-186l of Sillerud, Vol. AI:29, page 5l0 for marriage and household listings of persons

The family came to America (Michigan) in 1873. They came to Eglon twp and farmed in section 8. He farmed there until his death in 1899.

Lisa "Eliza" Andreasdotter: Lisa Nilson was considered to be the oldest woman in Eglon twp. She died in 1918 at the age of 98 years, 7 months and l day.

Anecdote: Uncle August recalls that she would walk to the Backman family farm on Saturday evenings to spend the night in order to ridein the family farm wagon to church on Sunday morning. August said that his grandmother would add sugar to the last of her coffee, pour this into her hands and then use it as a hair dressing (to hold her hair in place) as the family left for church.

(01) Kristina Johannesdotter: Illegitimate daughter of Lisa Andreasdotter

(02) Nils Nilsson: Landsarkivet, Goteborg dated 1987-04-28 (report letter) - Nils, the oldest son of Nils Nilsson and Lisa Andreasdotter worked as a farmhand. He went to Norway in November the 25, 1869, according to the moving record, 1861-1883, vol B:3

(04) Anders (Andrew) Gustaf Nilsson: He farmed in Goose Prairie Township, Minnesota

(08) Augusta (Nilsdotter) Nelson: Came to America in 1873 with her parents Nils and Lisa Nelson (Nilsson). The family settled on a farm in Section 8, Eglon township. Augusta was the next owner of this farm after her father died in 1889. Augusta was a seamstress.