This series of web pages represents research by Doris Backman Kirkpatrick into the ancestry of her father, Fritjiof Backman, and her mother, Emma Mathilda Oberg. The research was pulled together, to create these pages, by her son, Chris, from her notes and from transcripts on various taped conversations. These conversations were between Doris and her dad in 1971, Doris and her cousin Orville Oberg in 1983, Doris and Hortense Johnson Swanson (her half first cousin once removed - I kid you not!), and transcripts of conversations Chris had with Doris in 2006.

We hope you enjoy this "history" and maybe learn something new about the family.

Structure of the History

These pages begin in Sweden, outlining the various ancestral families. These are arranged by the four emigrant families. The next section tells what we know of how, why, and to where those families made their trips to America. The section titled "Fritjiof and Emma" tells about their lives and the family's time in North Dakota and Minnesota. Finally, the last set of pages tells about the Backman Odyssey west to Washougal and the early days there.

We leave the rest of the story for each of you to add.

Navigating the web pages

The menu at the top shows the various topics covered by these pages. Click them in order or randomly. For a closer look at the pictures, try clicking on them. Most, but not all, will then open in a larger form. Use your browser's back-arrow to return to the page you were looking at.

Caveats and Apologies

As with most family trees and family stories, this one probably contains errors. Some of the earliest parts of the tree were uncovered by Doris during trips to Sweden in the 1980's but I have not been able to find any copies of most of the actual documents in her files to "prove" the accuracy of these "facts". So, let the reader beware.

Some of the stories conflict depending on who is remembering them and when (I've made my best guesses on these) and there are still many items in need of research. But, this is a start!